About us

Our team is a group of people whose great passion is Polish culture and promoting Polish language, art, traditions and folklore.

«Polish in Gdansk» Team

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    Alina Bagińska

    Expert teacher of Polish as a second language

    She is graduated from the University of Gdansk — Master’s degree in Polish language and literature. Post-graduate degree from the UKSW University in Warsaw. She has been teaching Polish as a second language for many years. It always gives her a great satisfaction when people starting from the beginner level are able to communicate in Polish. She gladly shares her experience with young teachers and helps them to develop their teaching skills.

    She likes to play the piano and sing. Graduate of a school of music.

    A member of the AngloPolish Society and the Polish-German Society in Gdansk.

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    Ewa Stawczyk

    Teacher of Polish

    Humourous and adventurous person who decided to share the passion for
    teaching her native language with anyone who is ready for the challenge of
    learning it! An academic teacher with over 10 years of practice at The
    University of Gdansk, two Master degrees (Slavonic Languages and
    Literature, and Law) and the PhD in Contemporary Serbian Literature who
    loves mountains, good literature, strong tea and black dogs and as it
    happens who also loves teaching Polish and does it with a great pleasure.

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    Anna Krystyna

    Student of the Gdansk University of Technology

    She leads converstions with our students. Her favourite topics are music and the polish cuisine. She plays the flute and the piano.